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Sakhi Kendra and Lawyers Association: Partners in Empowering Women through Women’s Court

On July 15, 2023, a remarkable event took place at the Kanpur Court. It was the Women’s Court, a special initiative by Sakhi Kendra, a women’s empowerment organization that works for the rights and justice of women in distress. The Women’s Court was organized in collaboration with the Lawyers Association, which generously offered their hall and their services for this noble cause.

The Women’s Court was inaugurated by Sakhi Kendra’s General Secretary Neelam Chaturvedi, who welcomed all the sisters who came to seek legal advice and support. She assured them that Sakhi Kendra will stand by them till they get justice and will help them in every possible way. She also thanked the Lawyers Association for their cooperation and partnership.

The President and General Secretary of the Lawyers Association, Pandit Ravindra Sharma and Sharad Shukla, also addressed the gathering and expressed their solidarity with the women. They said that they will adopt and handle the cases brought by Sakhi Kendra and will not charge any fee for their services. They also launched the portal of Sakhi Kendra Helpline, which is a 24/7 online platform where women can register their complaints and get help from Sakhi Kendra’s team.

The main attraction of the event was the Women’s Court, where 22 senior advocates volunteered to counsel and guide the women who came with various legal issues. The Women’s Court lasted for three hours and dealt with 72 cases, ranging from dowry harassment, dowry death, molestation, rape, domestic violence, property dispute, love dispute, husband-wife conflict, disappearance, extramarital relationship, and other disputes. The advocates listened to the women’s problems patiently and gave them practical and legal solutions. They also encouraged them to contact Sakhi Kendra without any fear or hesitation and assured them that their privacy will be respected.

The event was a huge success, and a great example of how civil society can work together to empower women and fight against injustice. Sakhi Kendra’s team, led by National Women Alliance UP Coordinator Prachi Tripathi, showed their dedication and enthusiasm for this cause. The Lawyers Association’s members also demonstrated their generosity and professionalism in providing their services. Sakhi Kendra and Lawyers Association are committed to organizing more such events in the future to help more women in need.

Here are some images from the event that capture the spirit and energy of the Women’s Court:

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