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“Balance for Better Future” Campaign at Armapur PG College

On November 30, Sakhi Kendra, in association with Armapur PG College, marked the sixth day of the “16 Days of Activism” campaign with a series of events under the “Balance for Better Future” initiative.

The day was filled with engaging activities where students participated in speech competitions, slogan writing, and short video clips. The central theme revolved around “ending violence against women and creating an atmosphere of gender equality”. The event saw a massive turnout with hundreds of students attending as spectators and participants.

Ms. Neelam Chaturvedi, engaged in a lively discussion with the students about the balance for a better future and the generation gap. She emphasized the need for continuous efforts to create an atmosphere of equality in society, starting from our homes. She encouraged discussions on the changing dynamics of generations to explore better options for the future.

The speech competition was evaluated by a panel of judges. Certificates were awarded to the top three participants. Other participants were also recognized for their insightful questions and eloquent presentations.

Join us in our mission to end violence against women and promote gender equality. Stand with Sakhi Kendra. Stand for change.

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