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Let’s delve into the details of the Samwaad program organized by Mahila Manch, Uttar Pradesh, where Kanpur Lok Sabha and Akbarpur Lok Sabha candidates addressed women’s issues.

The program, presided over by Neelam Chaturvedi, founder of Mahila Manch, Uttar Pradesh, brought together candidates from various parties on a common platform. This initiative has been a tradition for the past 35 years, providing women in Kanpur a direct opportunity to engage with the candidates and discuss pressing issues.

Ashok Paswan, representing the Sabhi Jan Party, expressed his commitment to addressing unemployment and poverty. During interactions with women from different settlements in Kanpur, he acknowledged the challenges faced by domestic worker sisters due to the lack of fixed salary. He proposed fixing an salary of ₹10,000 to ₹15,000 for these women.

Alok Mishra, the Congress candidate, lauded Mahila Manch’s program. He pledged financial assistance of ₹1 lakh to women and unemployed graduates, aiming to empower them through self-reliance. Additionally, he advocated for limiting school fee increases to 10% in accordance with CPC guidelines. Responding to concerns about educated youth struggling with unemployment, promised to improve education accessibility and affordability.

Kuldeep Bhaduria, representing the Bahujan Samaj Party, emphasized his party’s commitment to Dalit women. He introduced himself as part of a party led by Mayawati, a Dalit woman, and assured schemes and laws for their safety.

Surendra Mathani, the BJP candidate, highlighted the party’s dedication to women’s empowerment, education, and safety. He proposed a 35% discount for enterprising women seeking self-employment. Additionally, the BJP allocated a separate budget for facilities and security employment camps for physically challenged individuals.

Rajesh Kumar Dwivedi, the Akbarpur Lok Sabha representative, focused on women’s safety. He envisioned a women-only factory to provide employment opportunities and proposed waiving GST for women.

During the program, poet Prabha expressed concern about the rising cost of education. She recited a poignant poem, likening the helpless banks of a river to cities facing challenges.

Women in the audience raised their voices, advocating for a liquor ban to curb crimes against women. Their concerns highlighted the need for comprehensive measures to ensure women’s safety and well-being.

This dialogue program serves as a valuable platform for candidates to engage directly with women, listen to their concerns, and pledge concrete actions for a better future.

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