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Half Marathon

On 21 January 2018, a half marathon was conducted in Kanpur South and Rural Area, Uttar Pradesh, India. The half marathon attracted around 1500 participants, including children, disabled, youth, and senior citizens.

The main objective of the half marathon was to inspire children for equal and quality education and moral values. Along with this, the message was given to make parents aware of education and create a beautiful and educated society. The event also aimed to promote health, fitness, and sports among the people of Kanpur.

The half marathon had different tracks ranging from 1 km to 11 km, with each stage having a lucky draw and a certificate and gold medal for the winners. The participants were divided into various categories based on their age, gender, and disability.

The half marathon was a grand success, as it witnessed enthusiastic participation from people of all walks of life. The event also received positive feedback from the spectators, who cheered and encouraged the runners along the way.

The half marathon concluded with a prize distribution ceremony at the finish line, where the winners of each category were felicitated by the dignitaries. The half marathon was a memorable experience for everyone involved, as it not only showcased the spirit of sportsmanship but also spread awareness about education and values among the children of Kanpur.

Images from the event :-

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