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Balance for Better Future

The “16 Days of Activism” campaign began on November 25 and will run until December 10. On the 25th, a one-day legal advocacy workshop was held at the Sakhi Kendra, where free legal advice was provided to women suffering from oppression or violence by the best legal experts.

There were 52 cases, including 12 cases of domestic violence, 6 cases of family disputes, 6 cases of dowry harassment, 4 cases of rape, 2 cases of senior citizens, 9 cases of husband-wife conflict, 1 case of harassment, 3 cases of love affairs, 5 cases of property disputes, 2 cases of post-marital relations, and 2 other cases.

All the women affected by violence presented their pain and suffering very well in front of the 5 advocates, who gave better legal advice and promised to help them free of charge in the legal process. At the end of the workshop, women’s rights defenders, coordinators, etc., lit candles and pledged their contribution to end violence against women.

From November 25 until December 10, various campaigns have been launched to end violence against women and to create an atmosphere of gender equality in society. Various competitions will be started among the youth/students in all colleges. In this way, these programs will be continued in different areas of the slums, schools, colleges, institutes until December 10.

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