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A Manifesto for the People, by the People: A Workshop

On 17th February 2024, a one-day workshop was organized by the Mahila Manch, Uttar Pradesh and Sakhi Kendra at the Merchant Chamber, Civil Lines, Kanpur. The workshop aimed to prepare a people’s manifesto that would address the issues of women, Dalits, and marginalized communities.

The workshop was chaired by Dr. Asha Tripathi, the president of Sakhi Kendra, who addressed everyone and asked them to express their views on the manifesto.

The participants shared their views on various topics, such as:

  • Social worker Pooja Srivastava said that the treatment of disabled people is very expensive, government hospitals do not provide good care, and they should be given free treatment. She also talked about the operation of e-Anganwadi.

  • Advocate Deepak said that there should be an expert court for disabled people, where they can get justice in time.

  • Educationist Yashpal said that the fees for medical education are so high that parents do not dream of making their children doctors, and that is why there are very few doctors here.

  • Social worker Dev Kabir said that vertical gardening is essential to purify the environment and awareness should also be raised about it. He also said that the protection of animals and birds is important, and the laws and institutions should be followed strictly. He also said that the sanitation workers are on contract, they get ₹7000 salary, earlier the salary was more but now the work is double, but the salary is less, and poor people should get at least 100 units of electricity for free.

  • Journalist Mahesh Sharma said that there should be a ban on the commercialization of education and that women are aware, they just need effective implementation of the schemes.

  • Advocate Karim said that the doors of education and health are closing for the poor, they are becoming very expensive, and they should be made affordable for the poor. He also said that the number of courts should also be increased.

  • Athar Naeem said that education should be quality-based, and the law should be followed properly at the central level.

  • Advocate Harikishan Shukla said that climate change is a serious problem, and we need to think in this direction. He also said that the basic needs of the prisoners should also be taken care of.

  • Dr. Asha Tripathi said that the law should be implemented effectively, the systems related to education and health are there, they should be evaluated by assessment committees, the leaders of the targeted area need to awaken their conscience, so that the society can be uplifted.

The workshop was a success, and the participants came up with a draft of the people’s manifesto that reflected their aspirations and demands. The manifesto will be submitted to the relevant authorities and will be used as a tool for advocacy and social change.

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